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Example programs

Camera slice

When $this has camera slice /slice/ {
  Wish $this displays camera slice $slice


When $::thisNode has step count /c/ {
  Wish $this is labelled [string trim "

step count: $c
step time: $::stepTime
camera time: $::cameraTime
AprilTag time: $::aprilTime
display time: $::displayTime

Wish $this is outlined skyblue

Points up

When $this points up at /target/ {
  Wish $target is labelled "being pointed at"

Frame image

When the camera frame is /im/ {
  Wish the web server handles route "/frame-image/$" with handler [list apply {{im} {
    set filename "/tmp/web-image-frame.jpg"
    image saveAsJpeg $im $filename
    set fsize [file size $filename]
    set fd [open $filename r]
    fconfigure $fd -encoding binary -translation binary
    set body [read $fd $fsize]
    close $fd
    dict create statusAndHeaders "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\nConnection: close\nContent-Type: image/jpeg\nContent-Length: $fsize\n\n" body $body
  }} $im]
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