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Innovation Academy Sept. 2023

Here's a couple videos! I took my normal hardware, so the beelink, the aaxa, the tension rod.

I hooked it into a school printer using a USB-B cable! It's a super easy thing to do, as long as you turn on the printer :-?. I can def recommend laser printers! They're super super fast.

 The setup! It's a normal tension rod one


  • A lot of people really liked the idea of a depth-camera sensing system, for touch input and the like.
  • Better docs for learning Tcl were also requested a lot.
  • An in-system editor would be amazing!
  • Drawing a filled circle over another circle flickers the line?


This was the demo release for ORBITALKIT, people found it fun! We added a tag based offset. The tag based offset needs a small patch to the system currently, basically just adding:

Claim $region has tag $tag

to the bottom of virtual-programs/tags-and-calibration.folk

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