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folk0 (Brooklyn, NY, USA)


System setup

A table with many people sitting around it and pieces of paper are out on the table and have all sorts of different programs running on it A table with 4 people sitting around paper programs on the table, many of them have little doodled creatures on them. Projected rectangles onto a table while the lights are all off so that the colors of the rectangles are glowing

  • TODO: “Hello $name!” Guestbook program
  • TODO: Metrics program
  • TODO: Spritesheet animation
  • TODO: Spring animation
  • TODO: Full screen
  • TODO: Tidal Cycles cards
  • Documentation: [video of folks playing with the cards](

folk-arc (Atlanta, GA, USA)


System setup

  • Hardware:
    • AAXA P400 Projector
    • Beelink computer
    • Tension bar
    • HP ENVY 5000 Printer
    • Cat printer
    • Webcam
  • Software:
    • Ubuntu Server
    • Standard folk stack
      • folk
      • tclsh8.6


Some photos

On the road!

I've taken my system a couple places, here are some of them!

- September 2023 at my school

folk-charles (Brooklyn, NY, USA)



[Some folk]( [videos!](

I wanted to share a bit about Manual Calibration


This is a proc that lets you run some code only when the program is being edited in the Folk web interface — when it's printed it does not run the code.

proc Web: {args} {
  upvar this this
  if {![string is double $this]} { uplevel $args }

Usage is

Web: my [folk code]

Charles 2023/10/16 12:35

folk-zeca (Manhattan, NY, USA)


Hardware: Beelink Mini S12, Logitech Brio, generic 4K projector, 2×2, zip-ties, paracord, Apple Keyboard, $5 mouse off of Amazon

folk-wwj (Sanya, China)


System setup

  • Hardware:
    • Beelink SER5
    • LG Electronics PH450UG Short Throw LED Projector
    • Logitech 1080p camera
    • Logitech K580 keyboard
    • Cat printer
  • Software:
    • Ubuntu Desktop 23.04
    • Standard folk stack
      • folk
      • tclsh8.6
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